Game 159: TB vs. NYY — Division hopes get pear-shaped

You know how you have one of those days where everything is working out in your favor, and then suddenly, everything goes pear-shaped and you just can’t do anything about it. Yeah, that was the Yankees’ Thursday night in the Bronx tonight. Much to the chagrin of basically everyone in Yankees’ universe.

Sonny Gray actually had a pretty good night for a good portion of his outing. Through his first 4 innings tonight, Gray threw just 58 pitches, gave up 2 hits, a walk, and a run. In the 1st, he gave up a 1-out solo home run to get the Rays on the board early. But he really reined it in and pushed the Yankees through a solid next few innings.

But then, Gray just kind of collapsed in the 5th inning. With 1 out, he gave up 2 singles to put runners on the corners. A wild pitch scored one run and a throwing error moved the other runner to 3rd. After a nice strikeout allowed the Yankees to hope the inning was almost over, it was not to be. Gray promptly walked the next batter and then gave up a big 2-run home run. After yet another allowed single, that would be it for Gray tonight.

Jonathan Holder came on in relief of Gray, but just couldn’t find that final out either. He hit his first batter with a pitch, gave up a single that scored one runner, and a big triple that scored the remaining 2 runners. That would be it for him too.

It would Chasen Shreve to get the final out of the 5th inning, a sigh of relief in the form of a strikeout. Shreve was breezing through the 6th until he gave up a pinch-hit solo home run, followed by a walk. Girardi wasn’t about to see a repeat of the previous inning, so he went back to the bullpen for Heller. Heller was very strong through the 7th and 8th innings as well, before handing the game to Gallegos who breezed through the 9th in just 12 pitches.

Remember, when I said things were great for the Yankees at first? They really were. Brett Gardner liked the 2nd pitch of the 1st inning and sent it into the 2nd deck of the right field seats for a lead-off home run. Aaron Judge followed that up with his own solo home run (that landed really close to where Gardner’s landed) to get the Yankees on the board early.

In the 2nd, with 1 out, Ellsbury singled, moved to 2nd on a passed ball, and then scored on Todd Frazier’s single. Greg Bird added to the score with a lead-off solo home run in the 4th inning after the Rays pulled their starter.

With another pitcher in the 5th (after the disastrous top of the inning), the Yankees were looking for a big comeback. Gardner led-off with a walk, moved to 2nd when Sanchez was hit by a pitch, ended up a 3rd on a fielder’s choice, and then scored on Starlin Castro’s single.

The Rays were able to piece together a better bullpen again, which didn’t help the Yankees in their efforts to reduce the deficit of runs. In the 9th inning, with yet another reliever on for the Rays, pinch-hitter Aaron Hicks jumped in and smacked a 1-out solo home run that bounced off the bench in the Yankees’ bullpen to get the Yankees back in the game. But 2 outs later, the game was done.

Pear-shaped hit rock-bottom.

Final score: 9-6 Rays, Yankees win series 2-1

Postseason Prep: What makes tonight’s loss even harder to swallow is that the Red Sox were so dominated tonight by the Astros (12-2), keeping the Red Sox at 3 games ahead of the Yankees in the standings. The Yankees host the Blue Jays starting tomorrow for the final series of the season. Basically, in order to win the AL East at this point, the Astros need to sweep the Red Sox (go Astros!) and the Yankees need to sweep the Blue Jays.

On this day in Yankees History: on Sept. 28, 1968, Yankees icon and legend Mickey Mantle played his final career game actually at Fenway. He started the game and hit 3rd in the order. In the 1st inning, he popped out and was promptly replaced (at his request). He just wanted one final game, one final at-bat. He was almost 37, at the height of his alcoholism, and still dealing with a lingering terrible hip injury. He was done with baseball that day nearly 50 years ago, but he spent the next 27 years of his life becoming a better man personally and cherishing the memories he made on the field. So a tip of the cap in memory of old #7.

Go Yankees!

Game 158: TB vs. NYY — #SevySharp, offense upswing continues, community matters

For much of tonight’s game, the Rays and Yankees were pretty much locked into a pitching duel, with both starters giving up minimal base runners for the first 4 innings. In fact, both teams didn’t score until the 5th inning. From there, it was back to being a Yankees-dominated game once again.

Luis Severino got the start for this middle game of the Rays’ series. He threw 91 pitches through his 6 innings, gave up 4 hits, a walk, and a run, and struck out 9 Rays batters (because he’s Severino). That lone run was a lead-off solo shot in the 5th inning. It would be the lone allowed run by the Yankee pitching staff all night.

Shreve came on for the 7th, but with just 2 outs and 2 baserunners, the Yankees turned to one of their best middle relievers in recent history (let alone this season) — Chad Green, who only needed 3 pitches to get the final out of the 7th inning. Betances and Chapman closed out the game, with an inning and a strikeout a piece. Basically, being the Betances-Chapman duo we’ve come to expect for the backend of the bullpen.

Now, going into the 5th inning, the Yankees only had minimal offense in the game, just 2 hits and a walk for the first 4 innings. So, the Yankees found their opportunity in the 5th to advance. Ellsbury led-off with a walk and moved to 3rd on Hicks’ single. With 1 out, Aaron Judge’s double scored both runners to get the Yankees on the board and in the lead with one swing.

Then in the 6th, Starlin Castro led-off with a solo home run. That would be the end of the Rays’ starter’s night, despite a pretty good outing overall. Of course, their bullpen hasn’t exactly been in the best shape, so the Yankees continued pouncing. Greg Bird followed up that with his own solo home run into the right field seats. Headley then singled, and after 1 out, Aaron Hicks got in on the fun and hit a 2-run home run to solidify the Yankees’ win.

With another new reliever, the Yankees gave up a double and walk before getting shut down with the 2 outs needed to close out the inning. The final 2 relievers were infinitely better against the Yankees tonight (including a former Yankee, by the way), and shut down any further attempts by the home team to advance their lead.

Final score: 6-1 Yankees

Postseason Prep: More of an FYI… the Red Sox won tonight, so they remain 3 games ahead of the Yankees in the standings. And there’s only 4 games left of the series. They begin their 4-game closing series against the practically unbeatable Astros tomorrow, and the Yankees wrap up their series against the Rays tomorrow afternoon before welcoming the Blue Jays to close out the season. (Go Astros!)

Okay, I know you’re probably already doing your part to help those affected by the recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean. The most recent one, Hurricane Maria certainly devastated many of the Caribbean Islands, including the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, which really took the brunt of the storm. In response, many fundraisers are currently underway to help the devastated people, especially those basically trapped in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican MLB players, alumni, and associates have provided several options for you to get involved, including former Yankees Carlos Beltran and Jorge Posada and EPSN broadcaster Marly Rivera.

Our prayers continue to be with those still recovering from this summer’s storms. However, the outpouring from people all over has been amazing to see such kindness, generosity, and love in action. Keep it up, as community still matters even when we’ve recovered from the storms!

Go Yankees!

Game 157: TB vs. NYY — Hicks’ theft & Yankee offense keep division hopes alive

Well, that certainly helps matters this postseason. The Yankees are looking to collect as many wins as possible this final week, these final 6 games. So tonight was a very good start.

Jordan Montgomery got the start in tonight’s opener against the visiting Rays. He threw 79 pitches in his 6 innings, gave up 6 hits, a walk, and a lone run, and struck out 5 Rays batters. And except for a pretty sloppy 1st inning, Montgomery actually reined it in and set up the Yankees for the eventual win.

In the 1st inning, Montgomery gave up 2 singles and a walk to quickly load up the bases with no outs. He finally got a well-placed strikeout to start the momentum for the Yankees. But it would be another Yankee that would really flip the switch. Again, the bases are loaded, so the next batter hit a big, long fly ball right over the wall by the Yankees’ bullpen. And that would be detrimental except for Aaron Hicks, who leapt, reached over, and brought that ball back over the wall to remove the potential grand slam and flip it into a sacrifice fly. So the Rays scored 1 run (rather than 4), and the Yankees were just getting started.

The final third of the game was split between the strong Yankee bullpen that’s just been dynamic this season. Kahnle and Robertson shut the Rays down through the 7th and 8th innings, and Dellin Betances breezed his way through a 7-pitch 9th inning to effectively end the Rays’ hopes completely.

The Rays’ starter has been having a pretty good season. But whatever he did this season certainly didn’t transfer up to the Bronx tonight. He only pitched into the 2nd inning. And the Yankees just got to him in that 2nd inning and didn’t let up tonight. Starlin Castro kicked off the inning with a solo home run to instantly tie up the game. But then 3 consecutive singles to both Fraziers and Torreyes loaded up the bases. With hopes for the dramatic alive, the Aarons were up next, but they both rather anti-climatically worked walks [Note: only Hicks’ walk is available, though Judge’s one looked rather similar as it’s a walk] to walk in both Fraziers.

And with still no outs, the Rays couldn’t bear it and pulled their starter right there in the 2nd inning. Their first reliever got Sanchez to line into a double play and get Hicks to double off 2nd to finally get a couple of outs on the board. A wild pitch scored Torreyes, but a fly out ended the Yankees monster inning.

The Rays’ bullpen did a better job keeping the Yankees from adding to their score for most of the game after that. But in the 8th, they found another opportunity. In the 8th with 1 out, Torreyes worked a walk, moved to 2nd on a wild pitch, and ended up at 3rd on a ground out. Judge worked a walk, and then Gary Sanchez’s single scored Torreyes and moved Judge to 3rd. Matt Holliday’s single then scored Judge to cap off the Yankees’ offense tonight. [Note: Holliday’s RBI video is also missing, but it’s a standard play. You’ve seen him hit plenty before.]

Final score: 6-1 Yankees

Roster moves: Obviously, the Yankees activated Aaron Hicks off the disabled list before tonight’s game. Coming off an oblique injury, Hicks proved absolutely vital to tonight’s game right from the start with that insane catch and then got on base 3 times by working 3 walks, one of those walking in an RBI. So, clearly, everyone is glad to see Hicks again. (Except maybe the Rays.)

Postseason prep: So many things happened as a result of tonight’s games. First, the Red Sox lost their game tonight to the Blue Jays, leaving that particular magic number at 3 games. But this also makes the Yankees just 3 games behind them in the standings. Hope is still alive for that division title.

Now, should the Yankees not beat the Red Sox in the division, with tonight’s win, they have secured home field advantage for the Wild Card game. As to the 2nd Wild Card spot, that is still technically open. Tonight, the Royals, Rangers, and Rays have all been eliminated for that spot. That leaves the Angels, who face elimination in one more loss or one more Twins’ win. In other words, chances are with the Twins being that 2nd Wild Card spot. But which East Coast stadium they’ll be vying for the Wild Card spot is still very much up for grabs.

In other words, who knows? So, we’re still rooting on the Blue Jays tomorrow!

Go Yankees!


Game 145: NYY vs. TB — Tight win against the “Queens Rays”

We say farewell to Citi Field today, the Rays’ displaced home this week thanks to the invasion of Hurricane Irma this past weekend. While the entire state is in the midst of clean-up, restoring power, searching for open gas stations, and getting their lives back to a semblance of normal, baseball continues with the lingering thoughts of the fans “back home”.

During the games, and all over the City this past week really, it was interesting to see that the primary thought on most people’s minds were those in the path of the hurricane, including Florida, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and the entire Caribbean. (Also, if you haven’t donated and still want to get involved, MLB has a fundraising site you donate to that will help hurricane victims of both Harvey and Irma to get back on their feet.)

Today, the Yankees and Rays played their last game in Citi Field for this quirky misplaced series this afternoon. Jaime Garcia got the start and threw a decent, albeit abbreviated game. He threw 78 pitches into the 5th inning, gave up 5 hits, a walk, and a run, and struck out 4 Rays batters. His lone allowed run was a lead-off solo home run in the 3rd. But the Yankees’ defense certainly backed him (and the rest of the pitchers) today.

Chad Green was brought on in the 5th to close out that inning for Garcia, and breezed his way through 4 outs, including 3 strong strikeouts, setting himself up for the eventual win. Kahnle’s 7th inning was a mixed bag, as he gave up 2 hits, but then got out of the inning without adding to the score.

But Dellin Betances’s shaky 8th inning was a bit too close of shave. The Yankees weren’t about to allow much of a leash on their pitchers. Betances got a fly out, gave up a single, and then struck out a batter. So after 18 pitches, that was it for him, much to his dismay as he wanted that 3rd out. Aroldis Chapman came on and had his own issues — giving up a walk and an RBI single (charged to Betances) before getting that 3rd out, a strikeout. Chapman then walked the lead-off batter in the 9th, but then breezed his way through the next 3 outs, all 3 strikeouts, and earned the save.

The Yankees’ offense did it once again in a single inning. This time in the 2nd, they hit into the Rays’ ace starter pretty hard. Castro and Ellsbury hit consecutive singles to lead off the inning and put runners in the corners. Todd Frazier’s single easily scored Castro. Then Romine’s 1-out walk loaded up the bases, so that Brett Gardner’s single scored both Ellsbury and Frazier to give the Yankees an early lead. One they spent the rest of the game defending.

It was almost not enough, but they clung to that 1-run lead all the way through to the end.

Final score: 3-2 Yankees, Yankees win series 2-1.

Yes, that does make it their 4th consecutive series won, which is great news for their push for the postseason. And there are a lot of numbers and charts and graphs to negotiate through to assess the postseason before the regular season has ended. Yes, there are already teams that have been eliminated entirely, and there are those who are clinging to a single-digit chance of postseason dreams. But the Yankees are basically a shoo-in for October baseball, at least as the first Wild Card spot.

But that’s not really good enough. Not for a team like the Yankees this year. And especially not with the Red Sox being just a few games ahead of them with more than 2 weeks left of the season. This is the time of year when we’re watching the scoreboard and rooting for all the teams that could help boost the Yankee standings (read: any one playing against the Red Sox, which isn’t unusual for Yankee fans, but especially needed at this point in the season — so tonight, it’s “Go, Oakland!”)

Next up, the Yankees moved back to the Bronx to host a 4-game weekend series against the Orioles starting tomorrow. Then the Twins come to town in what could be a preview of the Wild Card game (if the Yankees don’t win the AL East), then it’s up to Toronto next weekend before closing out the season back home against the Royals (a make-up game from May), the Rays, and Blue Jays. Finger crossed, Yankee universe, this could be a rather interesting final 17 games.

Also, the reason no team is named the “Queens” anything is because it sounds like a British sports organization, as you can see from my blog title today. Though I’m still a little torn as to why certain other area teams are dubbed “New York {Sports Team}” when they play in New Jersey, as I would be if the Rays were called the Tampa Rays when they play in St. Petersburg. I know it’s about the area (with the other teams), but that’s the same reason as to why the Rays are the “Tampa Bay Rays”, so they don’t offend the city that holds their stadium’s contract hostage.

Go (Bronx Bombers/New York) Yankees! (See why that works…)

Game 144: NYY vs. TB — Displaced disappointment

Apparently, this crosstown misplaced series is a huge hit in New York. After over 15,000 fans showed up for last night’s Yankee win over the “home team” Rays, the powers-that-be at Citi Field opened up a second deck to allow nearly 6000 more fans to watch tonight’s game.

Sonny Gray pitched all 8 innings for the Yankees tonight, actually throwing a pretty great game overall. He threw 94 pitches, gave up 5 hits, a walk, and 2 runs, and struck out 9 Rays’ batters. Both of those runs were solo home runs — a 1st pitch solo shot in the 1st inning and a 1-out solo shot in the 8th.

Meanwhile, Gray was looking for some run support… that would just never arrive. I mean, they did get on the board first in the top of the 1st inning. Judge worked a 1-out walk (surprise!), moved to 2nd on Sanchez’s ground out, and then scored on Matt Holliday’s double.

Now, the Rays’ starter did pitch into the 6th inning, only giving up 2 hits and 2 walks to Yankee batters, and that lone run in the 1st inning. Tapping into the bullpen, the Yankees were hoping to use that to their advantage, as they’ve done for so many other teams this season. But the Rays’ bullpen may be the lone thing they have going for them this season. Collectively, the Rays’ bullpen gave up 1 hit. And that’s it for allowed base runners for the second half of the game.

Final score: 2-1 Rays

Injury news: after being a last-minute scratch at last night’s game due to lower back soreness, Greg Bird was sent for a precautionary MRI, which came back negative. He’s hoping to rejoin the team for tomorrow’s game.

Also, the Yankees released their 2018 preliminary schedule today. The Yankees will start their season with a 4-game series in Toronto (starting March 29) and end the season at Fenway (Sept. 28-30). All 30 teams will start on the same day this year, and with nothing to prevent them from starting that early like the World Baseball Classic or exhibition games for opening a new stadium or a historic Cuban baseball game.

It could be an interesting season, at least. Of course, so much of how tough the schedule will depend on how the season evolves in time. Like which team will hit a hot streak, which team will be plagued with random injuries, which team is ready to burst forth and make their push towards the postseason. A schedule can look deceptively good until the team is bogged down with unforeseen injuries, and suddenly, it’s a terrible schedule.

Baseball is really never predictable.

Go Yankees!

Game 143: NYY vs. TB — 4th inning to back up #CCStrong

One day, you’re going to see a random trivia question about the time when a New York team played in New York (and not against a fellow New York team) and wasn’t the home team. And you’re going to know the answer — the Yankees “visited” the Rays, the temporary hosts of Citi Field.

And I have to be honest, it was really weird to be at Citi Field for a Yankees game when the other team wasn’t the Mets. But some rather familiar vibes lingered around the stadium with the overwhelming majority of the fans being Yankee fans (something Rays fans are rather familiar with the split representation on their home turf). Almost all 15,327 people at CitiField were avid Yankee fans completely thrilled for a few bonus games closer to home.

But it was a rather typical Yankees-Rays game tonight, with CC Sabathia at the helm to start tonight’s opener in this misplaced series. Sabathia threw a pretty great outing once again, throwing 88 pitches into the 5th inning, giving up 6 hits, 2 walks, and a single run, and striking out a solid 6 Rays’ batters. A lead-off walk in the 2nd scored on a 2-out triple to score the Rays’ sole run tonight.

Sabathia got the hook in the 5th with 1 out and after allowing 2 runners on base and the one Rays batter that seems to consistently do well against him (even when he’s having a good day). So it was on to David Robertson for some long-term relief, throwing a season high 36 pitches to get a nice 8 outs and sail the Yankees through the 5th, 6th, and 7th innings. He also set himself up for the win for finishing the 5th inning for Sabathia.

Dellin Betances had a bit of trouble in the 8th, but certainly got himself out of it all with 2 stellar Betances-esque strikeouts. But it was Aroldis Chapman who pretty much sailed through the 9th inning in just 10 pitches. Yankee pitchers got the Rays to strikeout 12 times.

The Yankees actually only got half the hits the Rays did tonight (just 4 hits), but they also got double the amount of walks (6 total). And the Yankees only needed a single inning to make all the difference off the Rays’ starter, who didn’t make it out of that inning. In the 4th, the Yankees sent 10 batters up to the plate.

Judge led-off with a walk and ended up at 3rd on Sanchez’s deep single. Didi Gregorius hit into a sacrifice fly that scored Judge to initially tie up the game. After a second out, the Yankees just pounced. Matt Holliday profited from a fielding error, ending up at 2nd and scoring Sanchez for the go-ahead run. Then Jacoby Ellsbury got a free base because of (what else?) catcher’s interference (more after the recap).

So with 2 men on base and 2 outs, it would be Todd Frazier’s 24th home run of the season, a 3-run home run into the left field seats to assure the Yankees of a solid lead. After Tyler Austin’s double and Gardner’s walk, the Rays pulled their starter for the bullpen. And the Rays’ bullpen clearly had a better time against the Yankee’s offense, as the Yankees didn’t even come close to scoring after the Rays’ starter left the game.

Final score: 5-1 Yankees

Okay, so Jacoby Ellsbury set a new MLB record for catcher’s interferences. In just 5,310 plate appearances, Ellsbury has reached base due to 30 total interferences. The previous record holder was Pete Rose, who got 29 interferences in 15,890 total plate appearances over his career.

Injury news: so before tonight’s game, the Yankees activated Clint Frazier from his rehab stint and the DL due to a strained oblique. But just before the game, Greg Bird was a last-minute scratch due to “lower back tightness”, and the Yankees went with Tyler Austin in his spot. Fingers crossed for nothing worse that a weird momentary tweak for Bird.

And a big happy birthday to Jacoby Ellsbury! A great group along the 1st base line took a moment to sing “Happy Birthday” to Ellsbury after he worked a walk and stole 2nd in the 8th inning, which Ellsbury clearly appreciated.

Finally, let us take a moment to remember the events of this day 16 years ago. Today, we honor the memory of those we lost, the legacy of the heroes and first responders, and the pray for those still grieving their loss or dealing with health-related illnessness from that day. Baseball was one of many bridges used in healing the nation that desperately needed something to talk about, to think about, to focus on that wasn’t about destruction.

Many of today’s Yankees (as well as around the league) were just children 16 years ago, which just further impacts how our world has changed. Again, our thoughts and prayers are with those who are still mourning their lost loved ones as we join you in remembering their story, their journey, their contribution to our world cut short. They are never forgotten thanks in part to you.

Go Yankees!

Game 103: TB vs. NYY — Big show by “Toe” ends in “no go”… a timely trade and Cooperstown Class of ’17

And that is my last time I attempt a New York Post style headline…

Anyway, the Yankees were looking for a sweep of the Rays with this final game of their 4-game weekend series. But despite some great offense by a single player, the pitching early on had some serious issues, so Ronald Torreyes’ shining afternoon wasn’t enough to pick up the Yankees over the Rays.

Jordan Montgomery got the start today and just had a really difficult time getting through his afternoon. He threw 71 pitches into just the 3rd inning, giving up 6 hits, 2 walks, and 4 runs, and still struck out 5 Rays batters. In the 1st, a 1-out walk moved to 2nd on a 2-out single and then scored on another single to get the Rays on the board early. Montgomery loaded up the bases in the 3rd with 2 outs and then cleared the bases through the process of a 2-RBI single and an RBI single.

Luis Cessa was called in to get out of the jam, and despite an initial wild pitch that moved runners to scoring position, Cessa got that necessary strikeout to escape the 3rd inning unscathed. Cessa ended up pitching into the 7th inning, throwing a rather clean game up until that 7th inning where he gave up a walk and single before handing things over to Chasen Shreve.

Shreve loaded up the bases but got 2 outs in the 7th before passing the baton to Chad Green who got out of the jam with a great strikeout (though the Rays batter certainly didn’t like the call). Green went on to finish off the game, getting into his own bit of trouble only in the 8th inning. A lead-off single stole 2nd and then scored on a 2-out double. Green added 6 strikeouts of his own through his pretty good outing to the total for the Yankees’ pitchers tonight at 16.

The Yankees’ offense rested on a single utility/bench player. Ronald Torreyes is really good when he needs to be. In the 2nd, Headley worked a 1-out walk and ended up at 2nd on a wild pitch. Then it was Torreyes to hit a great 2-run home run into the left field seats to briefly give the Yankees the lead. Behind again in the 4th, Todd Frazier worked a 2-out walk and then scored on Torreyes’ solid double to put the Yankees within a run of the Rays’ lead.

Unfortunately, the Rays had a random day where their bullpen actually did its job, so the Yankees were stunted a bit in the latter half of the game, despite some hope with 2 base runners in the bottom of the 9th that just didn’t pan out in the end.

Final score: 5-3 Rays, Yankees win series 3-1.

Injury news: Austin Romine seemed to have a target on his body today for the ball. He was hit twice by the ball. In the 2nd, an bad foul ball bounced up into his throat, which stunned the catcher for a bit, but he stayed in the game like the trooper he is. But then in the 6th, while at bat, he was hit by a pitch on the side of his hand. He stayed in the game initially, but as his hand continued to swell, he was pulled from the game and sent for the requisite x-rays. X-rays came back negative, but I imagine lots of ice and rest (for both hand and throat) are in order for the next few days.

Scranton Shuttle: Before today’s game, the Yankees optioned Caleb Smith back to AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and recalled Chasen Shreve, who ended up in today’s game.

Over night, the Yankees finalized a trade to add to their lagging starting rotation. They acquired left-handed veteran starter Jaime Garcia from the Twins for minor league pitchers Zack Littell (previously with AA Trenton) and Dietrich Enns (previously with AAA Scranton) and cash considerations.

Garcia was with the Cardinals for much of his 9-year career, even helping them win the 2011 World Series. He started this year with the Braves before moving briefly to the Twins, only to be used as trade-bait for the Yankees. They now expect him to make his Yankee debut on Thursday in Cleveland when the Yankees start their 4-game weekend series there.

And just a couple hundred miles northwest of Yankee Stadium, crowds gathered to celebrate the newest inductees to the baseball Hall of Fame. Former players Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines, and Ivan Rodriguez and executive John Schuerholz and MLB Commissioner Emeritus Bud Selig were honored and officially became part of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Congratulations to the newest legends of the game we all love!

Go Yankees!