Game 149: BAL vs. NYY — A rather “Gray Sonday”

It actually started off this afternoon as a bit cloudy over the stadium. I mean, it progressively got sunnier and the late afternoon shadows started creeping across the field as they always do on sunny matinee game days. The Yankees were hoping for a sweep of the Orioles in today’s finale of their 4-game series, but it was not to be. As sunny as it was today, it wasn’t so much for the Sonny on the mound today.

Sonny Gray got the start, throwing 80 pitches in just 4 innings. He gave up 6 hits, 2 walks, and 5 runs, striking out just 4 Orioles’ batters. In the 2nd, Gray gave up a 1-out double that moved to 3rd on a ground out and later scored on an RBI single to get the O’s on the board early. A 1-out single in the 3rd scored on a 2-out double to double their score. And in the 4th, the Orioles worked a lead-off walk and a 2-out single that moved up to scoring position on a wild pitch and then promptly scored on a big 3-run home run.

With that rather substantial lead, the Yankees turned to their bullpen in the form of Bryan Mitchell for the 5th inning. He gave up consecutive singles that put runners in the corners. A fielder’s choice ended up scoring the lead runner to cap off the Orioles’ runs today. But then Mitchell found his groove and settled into a nice pattern through the next 2 innings. Betances and Kahnle closed out the final 2 innings with flawless pitching, just 10 and 11 pitches (respectively) in each inning.

So, all the Yankees had to do was make up for it. And they were facing the one starter in the league with the highest ERA. Who, apparently, decided to have a pretty good day, unfortunately for the Yankees. In his 5 innings, he only gave up 3 hits and a walk and a 2nd inning lead-off solo home run to Didi Gregorius. (And by the way, the lady who got Gregorius’ home run ball couldn’t be happier!)

The Yankees found a few opportunities to advance once the Orioles got into their bullpen. In the 6th, Sanchez worked a 1-out walk and moved to 2nd on Castro’s 2-out single. Both then scored on Matt Holliday’s double. And Judge led-off the 8th with a double, moved to 3rd when Gregorius reached safely thanks to a throwing error, and then scored on Starlin Castro’s sacrifice fly {No media link}. But the Yankees weren’t able to do much more than that. And it wasn’t enough.

Final score: 6-4 Orioles, Yankees win series 3-1.

Injury updates: there are a few Yankees who are stuck on the disabled list, but the Yankees. Adam Warren has been out since September 3 (officially) with back issues and is threw some long toss prior to yesterday’s game with no issues. Warren has been an effective part of the bullpen, usually solid for long-term relief, so his hole on the roster has definitely been felt. They are hopeful that he will be back in the ‘pen before the end of the season, however.

Aaron Hicks is still recovering from his oblique injury, doing some minor workouts to get back into the momentum of coming back soon. He was briefly sidelined from his recovery due to strep throat last week, but the Yankees are hopeful that successful batting practice in the next few days will open the door to his return to pinstripes shortly thereafter.

Roster moves: reliever Caleb Smith is currently battling a viral infection, so the Yankees placed him on the 10-day DL yesterday, retroactive to September 13 (the last time he pitched in a game). Reliever Domingo German was recalled AAA Scranton to fill in Smith’s spot in the bullpen.

Postseason Prep: Okay, so despite the Yankees’ loss today, there is some good news. The Red Sox also lost their game today (thanks, Rays!), so the standings remain the same. Not that the steady spot in the standings is what you want, but it’s better than the Red Sox gaining in their lead over the Yankees in the AL East.

If the standings remain the same, the Yankees will face the Twins for the one-off Wild Card game following the regular season. The Twins are on their way to New York for a 3-game mid-week series, so people are watching how this series pans out. The Yankees are hoping to gain ground on the Red Sox and push the Twins further down the standings. But the Twins are hoping to gain ground on the Yankees and close the gap between the potential Wild Card teams. Now, as of posting, the Twins are dominating the Blue Jays, and their assumed win will mean they are just 4 games behind the Yankees. It’s going to be a rather tight final 2 weeks of this season.

But that’s what makes it rather fun!

Go Yankees!

Game 148: BAL vs. NYY — Monty keeps up the momentum

The Yankees continue their drive towards the postseason with momentum. This is the one part of the schedule that is clearly working in the Yankees’ favor. Yesterday’s win was Joe Girardi’s 900th win as the manager of the Yankees, joining the likes of the legendary Joe Torre and Casey Stengel. And that is certainly helping that aforementioned momentum.

Jordan Montgomery had a much better outing than any other one in the recent month, setting himself up for the first win since July. He threw 95 pitches in his 6 innings, gave up 4 hits and a walk, and struck out 6 batters, all while keeping the Orioles completely scoreless. Kahnle and Heller continued that scoreless streak through the next two innings.

Chasen Shreve found some trouble in the 9th inning. He gave up a 1-out walk that scored on a 2-run home run before loading up the bases with 3 consecutive walks on 2 outs. Giovanni Gallegos came on to stop the anti-momentum of Shreve, which was odd enough in itself. He unfortunately promptly balked to move all the runners up that also scored another run for the Orioles. But then he got a strikeout to close out the game.

Meanwhile, the Yankees pressed into the Orioles’ pitching staff enough to force their starter out of the game in just the 4th inning. In the 3rd, with 2 outs, Headley and Judge worked walks and then were part of Didi Gregorius’ 3-run home run into the right field seats to get the Yankees on the board. Then in the 4th, Ellsbury doubled and Todd Frazier walked, so Greg Bird’s 5th homer of the season became a 3-run home run to double the Yankees’ lead. And that would be it for the O’s starter.

In the 5th, with 1 out, Gregorius singled, moved to 2nd on Castro’s hit-by-pitch, and then scored on Jacoby Ellsbury’s single. And with a new pitcher in the 7th, Gregorius led off with a single and then scored as part of Todd Frazier’s 2-out 2-run home run up the middle to cap off the Yankees’ big offense tonight. (And the “thumbs-down” thing is still a thing apparently.)

The biggest downfall for Yankee pitchers tonight, which fortunately didn’t go against them that much, was the 8 total allowed walks. That stat has to improve as against another team that would take advantage of that, that could be quite detrimental to the Yankees’ hopes for October baseball.

Final score: 9-3 Yankees

Roster moves: before today’s game, the Yankees recalled reliever Jonathan Holder (who pitched rather well again this afternoon) and infielder Miguel Andujar from AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Andujar made his MLB debut today late in the game as a DH substitute, and for his first MLB at-bat, he grounded out. That first hit is coming.

Postseason prep: well, the Red Sox won their marathon game last night against the Rays in the 15th inning, after getting 7 runs in that final inning to beat the home team 13-6. That kept the Red Sox 3 games ahead of the Yankees, and after tonight’s win against the Rays, they remain that 3 games ahead of the Yankees in the AL East. Again, it’s still very much “Go, Rays!” this weekend, while the Yankees need a final win tomorrow to sweep the Orioles and head into their final 2 weeks of the season with that winning momentum.

Go Yankees!

Game 147: BAL vs. NYY — Didi’s RBI gem backs #SevySharp

It took just 2 hours and 38 minutes for the Yankees to close the book on tonight’s game against the visiting Orioles. And that is primarily due to a dominant show by tonight’s starter, and the Yankees’ offense sparking at all the right times once again.

Luis Severino was once again showing why he’s become the most reliable starter of the 2017 season. He threw 95 pitches in his 8 innings, gave up 3 hits, a walk, and 2 runs, and struck out just 7 Baltimore batters. I realize that using “just” there seems a little weird there, but Severino is a strikeout machine. So anything less than one per inning seems low for a pitcher like Severino. The only allowed runs for the Orioles came in the 2nd inning, when a 2-out walk scored as part of a solid 2-run home run into the right field seats.

That all set up Severino for his 13th win of the season. David Robertson came on for the 9th inning and certainly worked hard to get those 3 outs, despite giving up a walk, keeping the O’s from adding to their score.

Meanwhile, the Yankees got on the board first. Gardner led-off the 1st inning with a double, moved to 3rd on Sanchez’s 1-out single, and then scored on Didi Gregorius’ sacrifice fly. Headley led-off the 2nd with a single, moved to 2nd on Holliday’s 1-out single, and then scored when Bird hit into a failed force attempt and fielding error.

And the game was tied. So, they found their next opening in the 5th, when Judge worked a 1-out walk. Then with the Orioles’ starter out of the game and a new reliever in, Judge stole 2nd. After another out, Didi Gregorius hit a big 2-run home run to double the Yankees’ score.

But the Yankees weren’t done yet. In the 7th, Bird led-off with a walk, and Gardner reached on a force attempt and fielding error. After a new reliever came into the game, Judge worked a walk to load up the bases. Gary Sanchez singled to score Bird, keeping the bases loaded.

And the Orioles went back to their bullpen for a new reliever, who gave up another sacrifice fly (the first out of the inning) to Gregorius (his 4th RBI of the night) to score Gardner. After a second out, Chase Headley singled to score Judge, but the Orioles remembered how to defend and got Sanchez out running for 3rd. Greg Bird capped off the Yankees’ offense tonight with a big 2-out solo home run into the 2nd deck of right field in the 8th.

Final score: 8-2 Yankees

Before tonight’s game, the Yankees honored the memory of Gene “Stick” Michael. They took a moment of silence, played a nice commemorative video, and former Yankees placed flowers at home plate. The Yankee grounds crew also put a #17 in the infield grass; 17 was Stick’s jersey number when he coached for the team. Currently, its legacy continues on today on the back of Matt Holliday.

Injury news: Todd Frazier was out of tonight’s line-up due to some back stiffness. But it wasn’t so terrible as he was still available off the bench and is expected to be back at 3rd base sometime for the rest of this weekend series.

In other news, recently, the Yankees filed a complaint with the league citing that the Red Sox had been stealing signs during recent games. The Red Sox countered a complaint saying that the Yankees were doing the same thing. What made the Red Sox’s cheating different was that they were using technology like Apple watches to communicate the information. The Red Sox’s complaint was that the Yankees were using the YES Network feed to do something similar.

Okay, first of all, “stealing signs” is not new, nor is it outright banned in the league. It is certainly “frowned upon”, but it’s not illegal or novel in any sense. But using technology to do so takes it from something you probably shouldn’t do to feeling like outright cheating. Like accidentally seeing a friend’s test answers isn’t great, but it isn’t like using your phone to Google “what year was the Battle of Bunker Hill?” (FYI: 1775.)

Commissioner Rob Manfred concluded his investigation today and released his findings and discipline for both teams. The Red Sox have been fined an undisclosed amount for their use of technology to steal signs in August. The Yankees also received what was considered a lesser fine due to violating a rule about use of a dugout phone in a prior season. Both fines will be sent to relief efforts in Florida as the clean-up begins following the devastation of Hurricane Irma. MLB also warned that any team with similar violations will risk more serious disciplines than simple fines.

Also, the Yankees announced they will be donating $500,000 to help victims of Hurricane Irma — half will go to the American Red Cross, half to the Salvation Army. You can join the efforts by donating to a number of great recognized organizations like those or by donating online via MLB’s campaigns for both recent hurricanes.

Postseason Prep: the Indians snapped their “Windians” streak tonight, losing to the Royals at home 4-3. The 1916 NY Giants still hold the record for most consecutive wins at 26. Hey, it was bound to happen someday, and the Indians certainly have the AL Central sewn up.

And the Yankees are still awaiting word of what happens at the Trop tonight, where the Red Sox and Rays are (at the time of this posting) all tied up and in extra innings. A loss to the Red Sox (what I’m rooting for) means the Yankees are only 2 games behind them in the standings. A win means the Yankees are still 3 games back. So… Go, Rays! Go Rays all weekend long… like I said, I’m rooting for teams that will ultimately help the Yankees with a better shot in the postseason. And basically, that sums up to any team that plays the Red Sox over the next couple of weeks.

Because really, it’s always…

Go Yankees!

Game 146: BAL vs. NYY — Batting practice during #TanakaTime

Well, the Yankees are back home, a short 10 miles from the Tampa Bay’s temporary home this week. And they are hosting the visiting Orioles for this 4-game weekend series.

Masahiro Tanaka got the start for tonight’s game, throwing 102 pitches through his 7 innings. He gave up 8 hits, 2 walks, and 2 runs, striking out 8 Baltimore batters. Both allowed runs were solo home runs — a lead-off home run in the 4th and a 1-out solo shot in the 6th. Basically, Tanaka was back into fine form tonight, setting himself up for the eventual win.

And the Yankees’ offense certainly gave Tanaka enough room to work within. In the 1st inning, Ellsbury led-off with a single, moved to 3rd on Judge’s single, and then scored on Gary Sanchez’s double. Matt Holliday’s ground out was the first out of the inning and still scored Judge. Chase Headley’s single scored Sanchez, and Gregorius then singled. That set up Todd Frazier’s big 3-run home run up the middle to secure the Yankees’ early lead and end the Orioles’ starter’s night with just 1 out in the very 1st inning.

A new reliever shut down the Yankees until the 4th inning when Clint Frazier led-off with a single, and Ellsbury worked a walk. They both then scored as part of Aaron Judge’s 3-run home run. A new reliever once again sailed his way through the 5th, but then found trouble in the 6th against the charging Yankees. Clint Frazier led-off with a walk, and Ellsbury worked another walk. And once again, it would be Aaron Judge for another 3-run home run, his 43rd homer of the season. Gary Sanchez then followed it up with a solo home run of his own.

Finally, the Yankees stopped the charge forward, but the Yankee pitchers needed to keep up the momentum. Though they struggled in their own right. In the 8th, Bryan Mitchell came on to relieve Tanaka. The lead-off batter singled, moved to 2nd and 3rd on consecutive ground outs, and then scored on an RBI double. Another double then scored that base runner. Coming on in the 9th, Giovanni Gallegos gave up a lead-off solo home run to give the O’s just one more run tonight.

Final score: 13-5 Yankees.

Okay, there is a meme/video/picture going around of a man from Monday’s game who is giving a thumbs-down to the Yankees’ offense. Todd Frazier picked up on the man’s staid show and actually gave him a thumbs-down on Monday when he got his 3-run home run that night. Well, it continued tonight with Frazier giving a thumbs-down when he got his home run tonight, and the Yankees’ dugout was doing the same as if it were how they cheered on good things that happened to their teammates. All with big smiles on their faces, of course.

And in Yankees doing good things around the City news… Didi Gregorius and Dellin Betances teamed up with Mr. Peanut and Boxed (a wholesale company) and found Yankee fans. They asked them a few questions, and fans with correct answers ended up winning tickets to a Yankees’ game. Plus, they got to hang out with, hug, and selfie with Gregorius and Betances.

Postseason outlook: I’m starting this section as we’re winding down the season, and I want to keep you informed on what’s going on so you’re not surprised when all of these teams suddenly enter the picture in a few weeks. So, the biggest story is that the Indians are currently at 22 straight wins after tonight’s extra innings win against the Royals. They are definitely on a roll, and I can’t imagine that bodes well for any of the other teams looking for AL pre-postseason momentum themselves. (Including the Yankees.)

I imagine I’ll see posts of this in my timeline tomorrow from my family who are avid Cleveland fans, donning their continued (and well-deserved, if I’m being honest) hashtag #Windians. (Also, I still think I like “Believeland” better.)

Fun joke at the expense of my Cleveland family: You know why the Yankees don’t need cheesy hashtags to promote their wins and prove they’re actually winning? The Yankees don’t need to self-promote or convince people they’re good because everyone already equates Yankees with winning. (…cheesy dad joke groan, rimshot, and sad trombone sound…)

Go Yankees!


Game 139: NYY vs. BAL — Make-up matinee win for Stick

The rain that plagued the East Coast for the last two days soaked Baltimore yesterday without any let up, pushing last night’s game to today. Both teams are headed to other cities tomorrow (Yankees to Texas, Orioles to Cleveland), so they both had open travel days today. The teams agreed to a matinée make-up game today (when it was bright and sunny) to allow both teams to head out this afternoon before the night games tomorrow. (And this still allows both rosters to rest up before their weekend series.)

Anyway, so they played their finale in Baltimore this afternoon before another small crowd. (It’s like the citizens and precipitation-associated games don’t mix well.) Sonny Gray got the start and threw a pretty decent outing. He threw 102 pitches into the 6th inning, gave up 6 hits, 2 walks, and 1 unearned run, and struck out 5 Baltimore batters.

Gray and the Yankees’ defense held off the Orioles until the 6th inning. With 2 outs and 2 runners on base, a batter hit into a force attempt on a fairly easy grounder but a throwing error allowed the runner to reach safely, and the other 2 batters to advance 2 bases, scoring the lead runner. The error making the run scored unearned.

That would be it for Gray, handing the ball over to Chad Green, who did what Chad Green does really well — closed the 6th and then powered through the 7th inning to keep the O’s at that lone run scored. Kahnle and Heller each took an inning to close out that game, breezing through the Orioles’ roster with such ease. Basically, the three of them showing off why the Yankees’ bullpen is still quite feared by their opponents.

The Orioles’ pitching staff, however, is not quite so fearsome. Their starter certainly got hit pretty hard by the Yankee offense, and the bullpen got dinged up a bit too. In the 1st, Brett Gardner led-off with a walk, stole 2nd, and then scored on Didi Gregorius’ 2-out double. Aaron Judge’s 39th home run of the season followed that, a big 2-run home run up the middle to put the Yankees firmly in an early lead.

In the 3rd, Gregorius hit a 1-out single, moved to 2nd on Judge’s walk, and then scored on Matt Holliday’s single. Then while Jacoby Ellsbury hit into a force out at 2nd, when the Orioles couldn’t turn the double play at 1st as well, Judge hustled it home to add yet another run to the score. The Orioles’ starter was done after just 3 innings, but the Yankees couldn’t be stopped.

In the 4th, Gardner hit a 1-out double and then scored as part of Chase Headley’s 2-run home run. And with a new reliever in the 6th, and 2 outs, Starlin Castro’s solo home run kept things moving solidly in the wind column. Todd Frazier decided to match that with his own 2-out solo home run in the 7th inning to cap off the Yankees’ runs today. Baltimore pitchers finally figured out how to stop the Yankee bats, but the lead was solidly in the win column.

Final score: 9-1 Yankees, Yankees win series 2-1

I saw that the last time the Yankees won a series in Baltimore, the winning pitcher was Mariano Rivera back on September 12, 2013. The Yankees always seem to struggle at Camden Yards, with someone once attributing their issues as a “Oriole Voodoo Curse”, but that seems a bit extreme. I mean, it’s not like they were caught stealing signs with Apple watches. (When that’s resolved, probably in the off-season, I promise to talk more about this.)

And in absolutely disheartening news, former Yankees GM and special advisor Gene “Stick” Michael passed away earlier today at his home in Oldsmar, Florida (part of the Tampa Bay area). He was a huge part of the Yankees organization for many years, a great presence, genuine heart, and one of the smartest analysts of the game. His long list of contributions include helping to sign and develop the “Core Four” and the team that would become the latest dynasty, winning 4 World Series Championships in 5 years.

But even more than that, Stick was a man of good character, quick humor, and sincere friendship. The Yankees and Orioles took a moment of silence before today’s game, and the Yankees donned black armbands on their uniforms in his memory. The legend and legacy of Stick Michael will not be soon forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his widow Joette and his many friends and family during this time.

Go Yankees!

Game 138: NYY vs. BAL — Almost win ends with a walk-off disappointment

The game started off on the wrong foot anyway, as rain poured into the Baltimore area for most of the evening and ended up causing a rain delay over 2 hours. Of course, the weather put a damper on the attendance, with only 14,377 fans braving the rain to hang out at the ballpark on a Tuesday night, the middle game of this mid-week series at Camden Yards.

CC Sabathia got the start tonight against the Orioles, throwing 94 pitches into the 6th inning, giving up 8 hits, a walk, and 5 runs, and striking out just 3 Baltimore batters. In the 1st, with 2 outs, Sabathia gave up a walk that moved to 2nd on a single, then to 3rd on a wild pitch, before scoring on another single to get the O’s on the board.

Solo home runs in the 3rd and 5th added a few more runs for the Orioles. Then in the 6th, a lead-off single scored as part of a 2-run home run in the 6th. After getting an out in the 6th, Tommy Kahnle came on for the Yankees to close out the inning without giving up any further runs. Robertson and Chapman kept the momentum strong with 11 pitches in each of their 7th and 8th scoreless innings.

The Yankees just pummeled the Orioles in a single inning, unable to do much more in the other 8. In the 3rd inning, with 1 out, the Yankees loaded the bases with Romine’s single, Judge’s walk, and Castro’s hit-by-pitch. Didi Gregorius’ single scored both Romine and Judge before Holliday worked a walk to load up the bases again. That would be all the O’s starter had for tonight’s game.

With a new pitcher, the Yankees continued their tallying of the runs in the 3rd. Greg Bird hit into what should have been a very easy sacrifice fly, but the center fielder missed the catch (closing his glove before actually catching the ball), Bird made it to 1st safely, keeping the bases loaded and scoring Castro. After another out, Todd Frazier hit into a soft grounder that still scored Gregorius {Media note: no media link, sorry} and moved all the runners into scoring position. Then Jacoby Ellsbury’s nice single scored both Holliday and Bird before the O’s finally got out of the inning.

And despite the Orioles chipping away at the Yankees’ lead periodically, the Yankees held strong, thanks to the strength of their bullpen. That is, until Dellin Betances’ 9th inning. After 2 outs, Betances had a hard time finding that third out to get the save and deliver the win to the Yankees. He gave up a walk and then a solid 2-run home run so that the O’s scored a walk-off home run to win the game, now early this Wednesday morning.

Final score: 7-6 Orioles

Roster moves: in case you missed some recent player shifts around the organization, on Sunday, Aaron Hicks was placed on the 10-day DL for his left oblique strain, and the Yankees recalled reliever Caleb Smith from AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Then on Monday, Gary Sanchez’ status was changed so that he could serve his 3-game suspension, and the Yankees also recalled infielders Tyler Wade and Tyler Austin from Scranton to fill out their roster.

And today, the Yankees announced that their Roberto Clemente Award nominee this year — Brett Gardner, a well-deserved honor. Every year, each team nominates the player on their team that is both professional on the field and philanthropic off the field, in the spirit of the late Pirates Clemente’s character and achievements. Tomorrow is the 16th annual Roberto Clemente Day, and a special logo will appear on the bases and other parts of the park.

All 30 teams nominate their candidate, from which a winner will be selected by a panel that includes Clemente’s widow Vera and a special fan vote (coming October 2-6). Past final winners of the award from the Yankees include Derek Jeter (2009), Don Baylor (1985), and Ron Guidry (1984). Closer to voting, I’ll include links so that you can help me vote for Gardner this year.

Go Yankees!

Game 137: NYY vs. BAL — Labor Day afternoon delivery

It’s a beautiful September Monday afternoon in Charm City as the Yankees begin their final push for the postseason facing the flagging Orioles for this mid-week series. Baltimore fans clearly expected a better holiday show, but the sprinkling of Yankee fans found it instead.

However, both starters today had terrible outings, both pitching into the 5th inning and neither making it out of that inning. Yankees starter Jordan Montgomery had a slightly better day, throwing 67 pitches, giving up 5 hits, a walk, and 3 runs (2 earned), and striking out 4 Baltimore batters. A lead-off solo home run in the 1st got the O’s off to a strong start. But then a fielding error to lead off the 2nd scored as part of a 2-run home run to give the O’s a nice early lead.

But the Yankees weren’t having that. Montgomery shut them down, still exiting the game in the 5th inning, but handing over the ball to the ever reliable Chad Green. Green breezed his way to close out the 5th and then continued to shut down the O’s in the 6th and 7th innings, adding 4 strikeouts of his own and setting himself up for the eventual win.

David Robertson had a bit of trouble in the 8th, giving up 2 walks, but his 2 strikeouts and veteran cool got him out of the inning without adding to the Orioles’ score. Dellin Betances got the first 2 outs of the 9th but then a solo shot put one more on the board for the home team before Betances got out of the inning with his 2nd strikeout. Yankee pitchers racked up a total of 12 strikeouts against the Baltimore offense.

Meanwhile, the Yankee offense found its momentum in the middle third of the game. In the 4th, Castro led-off with a single and then scored on Didi Gregorius’ 2-run home run, his 20th of the season. Then Judge walked, moved to 2nd on Frazier’s 1-out walk, and then scored on Jacoby Ellsbury’s single. And the game was tied at this point.

So, the Yankees continued their advance in the 5th inning with a bit of deja vu. Headley led-off with a single and then scored on Starlin Castro’s 2-run home run. That ended the Baltimore starter’s day (after 98 pitches) and the O’s would dip into their bullpen. In the 6th, Frazier and Ellsbury worked consecutive walks and moved up on Romine’s sacrifice bunt. A new reliever got a ground out off Brett Gardner, but Frazier still scored. After walking Headley, the Orioles got a new pitcher to give up a single to Starlin Castro to score Ellsbury to ensure the Yankees a victory today.

The biggest problem for the Orioles’ pitching was the 10 walks they gave up. The Yankees may be the “Bronx Bombers”, but they’re not against playing some small ball and capitalizing on handouts like consecutive walks and well-placed singles.

Final score: 7-4 Yankees

Aaron Judge had an interesting offensive day. He went 1-for-1 with a run scored and 4 walks. For a guy who’s known for his massive home runs, he’s certainly worked his way into a new category, now sitting at 103 walks for this season. And because it’s Judge, he’s now in some pretty legendary company for a weird statistic. Yankees age 25 and under with 35+ home runs and 100+ walks in a single season are Judge, Mantle (1955-1956), Gehrig (1927), and Ruth (1920). Usually, people associate power-hitters like Judge with a large amount of strikeouts, so don’t worry — he’s still got plenty of those (181) this season too.

Gary Sanchez was out of today’s lineup, starting his suspension for his involvement in the scuffle on August 24 in Detroit. Originally, he was issued a 4-game suspension, but upon appeal, the ruling was reduced to 3 games. So it looks like he’ll be out for the Baltimore series. Austin Romine was issued a 2-game suspension for his part that day, but his appeal is ongoing and thus he was today’s catcher. Sanchez issued an apology to the fans on his personal Facebook page.

Go Yankees!